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10 Important Tips for Moving into Your New Home

by Blaky
Tips for Moving into a New Home

You have decided to move in, congratulations! Sure that the change of housing brings many new things to your life, but we also know that moving is an event that generates a lot of stress. In summer, more moves occur since the family rhythm is often in step with the children’s school calendar.

To make this change as less traumatic as possible, we want to give you the 10 tips from experts and individuals who have lived the move experience.

1. It’s Time to Clean Up

After moving everything to your new home, you will regret spending time, energy, or money moving items or boxes that you don’t want to keep. So the time to do an in-depth review is before you move in. Take the opportunity to do a deep cleaning and ask yourself before each object if you will use it in your new home or if it would be more worth it if you give it a new life or retire it.

2. If You Don’t Want to Do it Yourself, Delegate As soon As Possible

You can hire a company responsible only for the transfer of furniture and boxes, or also contract the packaging, packing and even unpacking and placing everything in its new place. When requesting an estimate, it is essential to indicate from which floor you make a move and whether there is an elevator in both residences and which are the specific addresses to assess the difficulty of parking a van.

3. Prepare Your Emergency Briefcase

Extreme chaos is very likely to last more than 24 hours, so we advise you to pack as if you were going on a weekend getaway: a couple of changes, pajamas, toiletry bag with the main cleaning supplies, medication, documentation, etc. The idea is that you can ‘survive’ the initial bewilderment. Breakfast on the first day (where will the coffee maker be?) Are usually one of the first challenges in the new space.

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4. Plan with Children and Pets

Tips for Moving into a New Home

If you can focus the move on a couple of days, maybe the kids can spend a night with their grandparents, cousins, or classmates. In pets, you have to consider that the usual routine will be upset for a few days and study how it will affect each animal.

5. How to Pack Like a Pro

You can get boxes in stores in your area, or you can buy them in packaging stores. Not all box sizes are suitable for the contents that you are going to put inside. For example, filling a large box with books will cause you problems as soon as you try to move it due to its high weight.

6. Record a List When Making Boxes

We recommend making a list in the easiest format for you: in a notebook, on your mobile. Ideally, the boxes should have the name of the room they will go to. If a moving company is going to help you, remember that they do not know who will sleep in which room, so the simplest thing is to put posters on the doors of each room.

7. Prepare the New Home

Tips for Moving into a New Home

It seems that the house is ready to move in, but there are always essential steps to take into account. Make it happening so that everything is simple and you can enjoy your new home from day one.

8. Think about the Place of Each Thing

Having a rough idea of ​​where you want to put everything will help you get out of the dilemma as soon as possible. The main objective is to place as agilely as possible. The good idea is to remove the book boxes as quickly as possible, which are very bulky and easy to place.

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9. Be Patient with Yourself and Those Around You

Moving involves changes. Be patient with news, unforeseen events, fatigue, and other problems that may arise. It will take a little time to get used to the new situation.

10. One Last Thing: Buy a Plant

Tips for Moving into a New Home

Some furniture and new sets of keys are high on the list of things to order. But if there is something that can help you generate warmth, it is plants and flowers.

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