10 Best Kitchen Decoration Trends for This Year: Learn How to Do Kitchen Decoration

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The trends for kitchens this year hint at a room that looks more and more professional is extremely well organized, and makes the most of the available space. The living room and kitchen are becoming more closely connected, with industrial-inspired designs and an “urban” feel found in kitchen furniture.

This idea book has been put together to help you understand the current kitchen design trends. Together, let’s learn 10 fresh trends for this year!

1. Connected Areas

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Open areas and connected environments are becoming increasingly important in modern homes. As a result, the distinctions between the living room, dining room, and kitchen have tended to blur in recent years, and this year is expected to continue the trend of homes having more “open space.” As a result, the kitchen is now an additional component of the living area and serves many other purposes in addition to being practical.

2. Kitchen Furniture Style: Exposed Shelves

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The concept of a kitchen becoming more apparent in relation to other rooms in the house also extends to the actual kitchen furniture. The most cosmopolitan and cutting-edge markets and bars, where open shelves and the thoughtful placement of food, spices, and jars of every description serve as additional decorative elements, are the inspiration for this year’s furniture trends.

3. Decorative Tiles

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Recent kitchen design ideas place a lot of emphasis on wall coverings as well as furnishings, giving them a significant ornamental function. Tradition and the newest in innovation coexist on the walls of contemporary kitchens. Because of this, geometrically patterned ceramic tiles will still be a “must have” in kitchens this year.

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4. Upgraded Countertops

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

In terms of countertops, this year has brought us both technical and aesthetic advances. As a result, we now have new work surfaces made of high-performance, cutting-edge materials that are also self-cleaning and antibacterial, like some types of porcelain stoneware, surfaces that rely on nanotechnology, or surfaces made of stone (like quartz or marble) that have been treated to enhance their qualities.

5. Neutral Colors

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Regarding chromatic issues, the current kitchen decoration trends are very clear: to choose the color that will dominate the creative proposal, the experts use a palette of neutral and delicate colors. This color scheme consists primarily of light grey, cream tones, and white; all of them can be used for both wall and floor coverings as well as furniture.

6. Industrial Environment

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

They include an aspect as significant as the extractor hood among the most recent kitchen decoration styles. This highly useful cooking accessory is becoming more and more ornamental in its form. Additionally, this year will be marked by a clear dedication to exposed installations and a significant presence of steel and aluminum, as is typical of industrial settings and professional kitchens.

7. Eco-Chic Details

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

We find an expanding number of technological equipment in addition to more environmentally friendly products and systems that attempt to cut back on harmful gas emissions and improve indoor air quality. The aim for kitchens this year is to use less water and energy while also making more environmentally friendly kitchens. In fact, there will be more and more green accents and mini gardens in the kitchen.

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8. Bar Counter

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

A “bar-type” counter with high stools has already started to appear in recent years, but this year it will undoubtedly become more common in residential settings. Without a doubt, modern kitchens are genuine protagonist spaces of a home, serving not only as a location to prepare food but also as a communal space and a place to enjoy life at home.

9. Suspended Lamps

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

As is customary and expected, current kitchen design trends do not disregard any kind of accessory, especially those related to lighting, to which it accords the utmost priority. In fact, pros frequently cite suspended lighting as one of the best ways to upgrade and modernize a kitchen. They must, of course, be carefully selected in accordance with the design of the kitchen furnishings.

10. Furniture With The Latest Technology

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The internet of things technology that has been discussed so much in recent years for use in houses might finally take off. For an increasingly smart and connected kitchen, we’ll see a rush of new features added to appliances and furniture. Not just home automation systems but also intelligent furniture and appliances are being discussed.

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