Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

10 Best Gaming Keyboards of 2021 – Comparison & Reviews

Do you want a keyboard that is specially designed for gaming, but you don’t know which is the best of them? Do not worry! While games are developing more and more and, with it, the need for state-of-the-art equipment also grows.

The good news is that with your budget, be it little or a lot, you can buy an appropriate keyboard to play. In this list of the 10 best Gaming keyboards you will be able to know which are the best alternatives on the market. It is a varied selection where you will find different models, mechanical or diaphragm, large or compact, and for all budgets!

1. Corsair k70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

Corsair is one of the specialists in Gaming keyboards , proof of this is this Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 mechanical model.

Mechanical keyboards are a reference in the field of games , they retain an exclusive quality, although not everyone can buy them.

With a beautiful brushed aluminum finish , this Corsair keyboard really stands out. The material does not allow visible fingerprints, so it always stays neat.

It has an intense RGB backlight adjustable through a simple button on the keyboard that offers you 3 different intensities , if it bothers you you can cut the light.

This keyboard incorporates a Software by means of which you can control not only the brightness , but also the colors and the themes of color cycle, waves, among others.

You can choose the most convenient from the following: MX Blue, Red, Brown, Speed ​​or Silence according to your style and its use. From this choice, the precisions of the keys are derived.

This gaming keyboard offers you a removable wrist rest , which offers you comfort when playing for hours.

The package includes a USB port for you to connect your headphones or your mouse and a duplicate eyelet.

If you have a budget between 150 and 170 euros , you can take this keyboard home, with the characteristics and quality that other keyboards can give you.

Great Finish and Excellent Quality

RGB LED Backlight
Price not Affordable for Everyone

2. Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

One of the most recommended keyboard brands for gaming is Razer , and it comes to offer you one of the well-rounded models in this field, like this BlackWindows model.

It is a very powerful keyboard that offers you a very high quality, thanks to its housing made of very resistant matte plastic.

It offers you great comfort in its removable rubber and foam padded wrist rest , which is why it is one of the most valued by Amazon customers and other sales portals.

Once connected it magnetizes to be connected to the keyboard and remains immobile when there are sudden movements.

You can go for the Razer Green, if you have a PC reserved for gaming only. Another option is the Razer Orange, but don’t go for the Yellow, which doesn’t add much game-wise.

This gaming keyboard also has adjustable RGB , which you can control using Synapse software to control each key separately. You can even design custom touch presses .

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 integrates 5 macros on the left side, which are also fully configurable through Synapse . But none of the buttons correspond to the non-slip version, it also has a USB and a mini-jack for your headphones.

Many Configurations Available

Metal Structure of Military Design
No Multimedia Keys

3. HyperX Alloy FPS USB

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

After huge successes, especially with its Alloy Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard , HyperX now offers gamers exemplary quality finishes and performance similar to more expensive models.

Alloy Core RGB is the first membrane keyboard signed with HyperX and retails for around € 90.

The first thing you will see related to the brand is its horizontal colored bar at the top, a similarity that unequivocally recalls the manufacturer’s high-end models.

Unlike other models, this GAMING KEYBOARD is made of plastic, which has the advantage of reducing the cost of the product and therefore its weight.

Obviously there are no mechanical switches here, HyperX has gone for very nice and quiet rubber dome diaphragm switches . In addition, the keys on this Alloy Core RGB offer a slight bounce that helps you avoid possible typographical errors.

It also offers stylish and customizable 5-zone RGB lamination , but also various multimedia keys, a game mode that allows you to disable Windows keys or a complete anti-ghosting.

It is an elegant and carefully designed product, like its high-end models.

Alloy Core RGB membranes react perfectly to gaming, although most prefer a mechanical keyboard.

Good Performance and Affordable Price

Various Colors of LED Lights Available
Does not Offer Key Settings for Macros

4. Corsair K55 RGB – Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

This model of Corsair K55 mechanical gaming keyboard ensures you a pleasant experience during your gaming hours.

Both its quality and attractive price are two of the characteristics that seduce consumers.

It has a sturdy plastic casing but with a satisfying finish . The fluidity of the keys and the pleasant bounce, offers a very pleasant gaming experience.

Additionally it includes 6 programmable macro keys without software that are specially designed for Gaming.

Macro key combination is also possible to achieve higher performance during operation. A dynamic RGB backlight with three zones offers this keyboard, but they are fully adjustable in 10 modes without requiring any software.

Each player will be able to adjust video and audio parameters without making any stops during the performance, thanks to the multimedia keys.

Reactive Keys

RGB Multi-Color Backlight
Membrane Keyboard

5. Razer Cynosa Chroma

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

Among the best membrane gaming keyboards , the Razer Cynosa Chroma remains, more than a year after its launch, one of the best models on the market, of course, considering its value for money.

Thanks to its very low noise levels compared to mechanical keyboards, its pleasant typing sensation, and very adequate responsiveness, the Razer Cynosa Chroma manages to stand out from its few competitors.

This keyboard uses keys with rubber dome membranes, which are therefore fairly standard compared to the hybrid “mech-membrane” switches on its previous version, the Razer Ornata Chroma.

The Cynosa Chroma is a great keyboard to stand out in games, but especially it’s very quiet . The Cynosa Chroma shines with its quiet keys, something really valuable to many gamers.

Its aesthetics and impeccable finishes stand out, but it also incorporates an anti-ghosting effect on 10 simultaneous keys.

Synapse 3 software brings real added value to this gaming keyboard. It’s well thought out, because it allows for great customization in both backlighting and macro recording.

Customizable RGB Key with Multicolor Light

10 Key Rollover

Soft Keys
Membrane Keyboard

6. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

Here we now offer you a mechanical gaming keyboard with an aluminum chassis, and with an RGB backlighting system, equipped with first-rate technology: the Corsair K95 RGB.

It is a very practical gaming keyboard, it incorporates 6 macro keys on the left side, as well as multimedia keys. This gaming keyboard also has anti-clutch technology and Cherry Mx mechanical switches, to always improve the quality of your game.

The level of comfort of this keyboard is not far behind, as it is equipped with a magnetic wrist rest , which will allow you to spend hours of gaming very comfortable.

Worth Buying for Great Experience

Be Programmed with Elgato Stream Deck Software
It is Quite Bulky and Requires more Space

7. Logitech G213 – Keyboard for Gaming Prodigy

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

Now a membrane gaming keyboard , unfortunately it doesn’t have macro keys, but it does have multimedia buttons.

It features an RGB backlighting system , a 16.8 million color palette, and the ability to customize 5 lighting zones . This gaming keyboard is also equipped with anti-ghosting technology, and is very comfortable thanks to its fixed wrist rest.

It is a keyboard with an excellent value for money , as it has many qualities for a keyboard of very affordable price. Its characteristics and its price make it one of the best Gaming keyboards .

Splash Resistant and Customizable

Affordable Price
Does not Include Macro Keys

8. Logitech G413 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

This is a mechanical gaming keyboard with an ultra slim aluminum alloy chassis. It is a keyboard that offers a precise lighting system, with keys that will allow you to see them easily. It also has two additional keys and a key puller so you can customize them.

The gaming keyboard also has anti-ghosting technology , a game mode, and a 26-key memory. It is equipped with the Romer-G touch switch much faster than the brand’s competitive standard and mechanical switches.

On top of all that, there are multimedia keys , as well as programmable keys . All this for an approximate price of € 90, which makes it an exceptional keyboard.

Romer G Touch Switch

It is also a Keyboard with Backlite keys on the Numbers and Letters
Rather Stiff and Thick USB Cables

9. ROCCAT Vulcan Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

If you are a gamer who only needs a high quality GAMING keyboard that has the essentials and that you can also count on the ideal LED aesthetics , the ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO model is the best.

It is a right keyboard that is powered by USB interface and RGB LED backlight with multicolor backlight color . In addition, it has a mechanical switch and a polling frequency of 1000 hZ.

The memory integrated in this keyboard is 512 KB with the possibility of using the extra buttons to regulate the sound, in addition to the speed. It has a 1.8 meter long cable , in addition to being considerably large, almost 1 kg of resistant weight for strong emotions and dimensions of 160 x 432 x 32 mm . The distance of the keys is 3.6 mm .

Although it has Windows keys , it is also a keyboard designed in German, something to keep in mind if this is a problem.

Excellent and Resistant Quality

Multicolor Feedback
German Keyboard

10. PICTEK – Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards 2021

Ultra-slim mechanical keyboard with multi-color LED feedback , high performance and speed design. This is what you can expect from the PICTEK GAMING keyboard.

This gaming keyboard is precisely designed for PC gamers , featuring 19 anti-ghosting keys and 12 multimedia keys . In addition, being a PICTEK keyboard, it is equipped with extra functions for games, as well as a wide compatibility with Windows 95/98 / XP / 2000 / ME / VISTA / 7/8/9/10, Mac .

With Plug and Play technology , with integrated rest, folding trestles to improve wrist posture, coated metal structure to avoid damaging the skin, as well as high performance endurance and duration, which supports up to 10 million keystrokes. It features keys that have laser-etched lettering on the button caps to prevent fading.

In addition, another characteristic look with the two lighting modes and multi-color brightness adjustment, attractive to gamer audiences as well as dark environments.

As if that were not enough, it is resistant to splashes so you can use it without worrying, both from sweat and from day-to-day liquid mishaps. This is due to its structure with 4 drainage holes at the bottom of the keyboard so that moisture is not concentrated inside the keyboard. It is easy to clean thanks to its removable keys .

Plug and Plat Technology

Removable Keys, Splash Resistant and Easy to Clean

Wide Compatibility

12 Multimedia Keys
Not 100% MAC Compatible